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4 Ways to Keep a Check on Your Maid Services Smartly

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Maintaining a proper check on your Cleaning Services might prove hectic for some of you following busiest schedule or children commitments. Being a professional residential cleaning company in Dubai, we want to keep our loyal customers safe from such disappointing scenario. Our professional maids share their views on how you can keep an eye on housekeeping activities in shorter time and make sure you hired the right cleaning services for your living area, kitchen, bathroom or other part of the apartment.


Never Forget about Corners:


Spare just 5 minutes of your time to keep a check on cleaning activities either after the maid leaves or in between the mopping process. What easily goes unnoticed impacts the overall cleaning process and make your living area beautiful and organized. So when you hire cleaning services in Dubai, do not rely on words and check things yourself. Make sure the curtains are replaced properly and the shelves are properly mopped otherwise there’s no reason for hiring residential Maid Services in Dubai. Before you give your cleaning services an A certificate, do check if furniture is fully cleaned or the dust particles are still lingering on your fixtures.


Clean Walls  Brighten Room:


Despite of expensive furniture and decoration items beautifully placed in your living area, clean and tidy walls make a strong impression of your living area so be careful when you hire maid services in Dubai and risk your money, time and reputation on someone else. Our professional maids are trained to keep every side of your living area clean and tidy in a totally professional manner. This means, you get clean and shining walls along with well mopped switch boards, TV screens and other decoration items dwelling in the corners of your living area.


Make Use of Fingers:


When it comes to checking cleaning activities, many ladies trust their sight which is totally natural but things are a little tricky here with small dust particles that sneak right under your nose and reside permanently on your furniture. So adopt a habit of checking everything thoroughly otherwise you’d find negative results even after hiring finest maid services in Dubai. Put your fingers to work and check every corner of your living room either with pinky or index finger to see if the maid has cleaned it well or just failed to perform her duty. Upon first touch, you’ll find out the results and can easily judge if the company is reliable enough to be called next time or you need to find another cleaning service for your apartment?


No Compromise Over Floor:


Floors are one of the most significant parts of your apartment so never forget about them when you hire residential cleaning services. Make sure the cleaning company use ecofriendly cleaning equipment range to clean and mop your floors and keep your family safe from inorganic chemicals. Other than that, you need to make sure the maid has mopped the floor well and it’s not damp as it might spoil the essence of your living room and lead to embarrassment in front of unexpected guests.

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