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Effective Ways of Kitchen Cleaning by Expert Maids

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It makes us so depressed while our kitchens are filled with food stains, piles of dirty crockery, glasses and other things splattered with stains. But don’t panic, we do understand a lot amount of cleaning needs, might feel overwhelming to you, if we will follow some essential tips and ways to clean out our kitchens then cleaning will be simple and easiest.

Before starting cleaning process at your kitchen it is important to assemble all required cleaning equipment and supplies, as if you will try to look and find these things later or during the cleaning process, it would not just make your cleaning process distracted, will waste your time and energy, with possibilities of forgetting vital tasks.

Fill your sink in kitchen with hot water and mix dishwashing detergent into water, some kitchens do have double-sink attached, if you too have double-sink at your kitchen, make sure to use that side which is not having disposal unit, so you can have option to getting rid of later from left-over and other rubbish.

Clean and push content of all plates and bowls, do scrape and push the disposal into disposal unit or rubbish bin as convenient.

Put every cutlery and crockery items into the hot water at sink, by using soapy water to soak. It is important to place heavy dishes before other kitchen items and for the large pots and pans just fill them with hot water mixed with detergent and leave them to soak.

Utilized your time on other kitchen cleaning tasks while cutlery and crockery is placed for soaking, cleaning of countertops at kitchen, return cleaned or used items to the fridge, pantry, drawers and cupboards, etc.

If using a dishwasher, it is good to decide that which pieces of crockery can be washed easily and safely by dishwasher, also keep in note how much load you can put on your dishwasher.

If bin got filled with food contains and other rubbish or odours, take it outside and empty, always use a new bag in your rubbish bin.

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