Frequenly Asked Questions(FAQs)

  • Q : Can you do 2 hours of cleaning?
    A : Yes we can do 2 hours of cleaning however we have a minimum rate of AED 100 if the required number of hours is below the minimum time of 4 hours.

  • Q : Areas covered?
    A : We are providing service in Dubai Area Only.

  • Q :What are the Nationalities of the Maids?
    A : We have mixed nationality, Nepali and Filipino.

  • Q : Do you provide cleaning materials?
    A : Yes we provide for extra charge per hour.

  • Q : Do you offer full time?
    A : Yes, from 8AM to 6PM, maximum of 6 Days a week; we are not providing live-in maids.

  • Q : Is there a minimum hours per Maid visit?
    A : Yes, there is a minimum of 2hr and 4hr, depend of the area.

  • Q : If I have some complaints & suggestions about your service, where I can report?
    A : You report us within 24 hours in our hotline number, 800 – 25326464.
  • Q : Is my Maid employed by Yellow Maids ?
    A : Yes, all of our Maids employed by Yellow Maids.
  • Q : Do I have to be at home when my Maid visits?
    A : Not necessary, You can athourize us with your key if you wish.
  • Q : Will I have the same Maid on every visit?
    A : If you setup your regular weekly schedule with us, we can arrange to send the same maid every visit.
  • Q : Can I cancel my maid service temporary?
    A : Yes. You can cancel your maid service at least by two days notice.
  • Q : Can you provide specific Maid service I require which is not listed?
    A : Please contact us with your request, we will try to meet your requirements.