Laundry Services

Our Maid are able to wash, dry fold your clothes and can put them away on right place while working at your home. Every single resource of Yellow Maids is expert in Laundry services, with proper course of action in maintained premium conditions.

Glass and Window Cleaning

We keep it in our mind that having clean glass and windows, meet the eyes of everyone and give more professional appearance of well maintained residential or commercial space. Yellow Maids always ensure clean, smudge proof glass and windows cleaning increase attraction of your home or office.

Ironing Services

Ironing process is important and deserves the best to give fresh and warm feel to your clothes, Yellow Maids ensure the ironing done with care and as per highest standards possible, as well as our maids ensure the quality of laundry process they are effective in ironing too.

Cooking and Serving

Yellow Maids are available for serving you with cooking and maintaining your kitchen at your house, office or commercial place. We’ll also do our best to send you best Maid to have efficient cooking services. Have delicious foods at your table on time, by our dedicated maids and a beautiful, clean kitchen always.

Outdoor Cleaning

Our Maids serve with cleaning of your outdoor places and exteriors at home or office. We take care of yard cleanings, lawn cleaning, park cleaning, etc. as Yellow Maids strive only for perfection for every single detail to ensure our customers are happy with services by utilizing unique Maids solutions providing portal online.

Housekeeping or Cleaning

Get your house and office cleaned by Yellow Maids Cleaning experts, now you can get a quote on cleaning online by visiting Maids Profile Area or inquire your cleaning requirement for both residential and commercial needs. We will take care all of your cleaning work with full of dedication, even it is for one-time or on recurring.